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Mortgage Broker or a Bank?

A mortgage broker is an independent licensed agent that finds the best mortgage plan for their customer.  Their fee is paid by the lending organization thus no out-of-pocket costs to the customer. There are no biased opinions and they are looking out for the best interest of the customer.


A mortgage broker at times can find a mortgage for customers that would otherwise have been turned down by a bank.


The bank only works for their lending institution and are typically biased over their products.  They are very knowledgeable about all of the options available through their banks and a some of the competitors, but tend to be biased. Learn more About Us.


First-time home buyer incentives

There are many options for first-time home buyers via government programs and incentives

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RRSP as a down payment

Yes, first time home buyers may take up to $25,000 of their RRSP (certain conditions apply).

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Our knowledgeable staff can help you use your stated income and simplify the hoops of getting a mortgage. Don’t give up when the bank says “No”. You have more options!

Self Employed Mortgage Evaluation.


Poor Credit

Don’t assume Poor Credit means you are out of options.  One Stop Mortgage specializes in arranging mortgages when you have Poor Credit, No Credit, Credit Collections, and Previous Bankruptcy.

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Renewing your mortgage should not be that hard or a guessing game. Take this opportunity to get the best advice and rate for your needs.


Re-financing is especially popular when the rates drop so you can lower your monthly payments.

Refinancing Made Simple


The Right Mortgage

Having the right mortgage that suits your needs is our #1 priority. Here is a short description of the different mortgage options for you.


Our mortgage brokers are here to do the work with you, contact us to learn how we can help you.

Choosing the Right Mortgage


More Reasons You’ll Love Using One Stop Mortgage:


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Debt Consolidation

Are you looking to buy your first home and want to organize your debt first?  Consider a debt consolidation loan.  We can help you get a debt consolidation loan from a lender for one easy monthly payment.


There are several advantages to debt consolidation:

The interest you pay with a debt consolidation loan may be lower than what you are currently paying with your creditors.


A debt consolidation loan can help you negotiate new payment terms with your creditors to extend the terms of the debt.


Replacing multiple payments per month with one easy and convenient payment plan will make your budgeting easier.


Debt Consolidation Made Simple by


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